Mini Vacation


Since my departure from work, every day has felt like a mini vacation. I wake up, help my husband get ready for work, wake our daughter up for day care, get her ready for the day, send them off. I walk our dog. I make coffee. I get ready for the day. Turn my laptop on and begin my rigorous job search. In between my job searching and applying for them I find time to deep clean my home. Because EVERY DAY there is a new mess to clean up. After 10 applications I give myself time to relax and enjoy quiet time. I do this until my husband and daughter are both back at home. At the end of the day I am back to taking care of them and go to sleep feeling happy. Because I may be out of work but I am constantly productive and working hard to make sure my family is taken care of. This is the type of mini vacation I like. Seeing my family happy and fed. And that’s the sunshine I like to create for myself. 


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