Working Mom

My first big career move post-grad was in Higher Ed. I was interviewed while 6 months pregnant. I tried my best not to highlight that part of myself during my 3 hour long interview. I did well. I got the job. I worked for a month before I gave birth to my daughter. I was 36 weeks along when my water broke AT WORK, ON THE JOB. When my water broke I was in utter denial. I didn’t think it would happen on that day — a Monday. I recall letting one of my colleagues know that there was an emergency, I wasn’t too specific. She found out the hard way what the emergency was. I was still assisting students while this was happening. I remember my colleague telling me to stop working and to go to our break room. It was baby time. After that it was a blur. A blur that I remember vividly. My first big girl career and my water decides to break there. I no longer have that job but I will always have that memory. Now on to job hunting. A few interviews. More to come. Hoping for my big break because I enjoy being a working mom. 


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